The Business Guide to Permission Email Marketing

Amazon uses it. Microsoft uses it. Sharper Image uses it. Motorola uses it. Even IBM and The Wall Street Journal are using it!

The list of online companies embracing permission email is huge and growing. Why? …because they know that today’s marketing climate demands efficiency and, dollar for dollar, it is THE most cost effective way an online company can produce revenues literally over night.

A while back ago, CNN suggested that companies who neglect to incorporate permission email into their overall marketing strategies will have a difficult time surviving on the Internet. And, just this month, Time Magazine did a report on how wildly successful email marketing is when compared to traditional types of marketing both on- and off-line.

E-mail marketing is fast, effective and dirt cheap — a godsend for marketers in an economy that has crunched advertising budgets.

The key, of course, is permission. Without permission, it’s just spam — and can, in fact, land you in hot water. However, when done correctly, you’ll learn that permission email is perfectly ok — as long as you follow the rules.

It’s a ticklish irony that the humble medium of e-mail is blossoming while flashier forms of Internet advertising are going the way of the sock puppet.

For the past seven years we’ve successfully used email to produce a deluge of profits. Our success has spawned consultation projects in much the same way that we’ve consulted regarding search engines.

We’ve been called a “foremost authority” in both categories. And, like in the search engine placement industry, we were (again) asked to “write the book”. Why? …probably because our retainer fees ($50,000) and our hourly fees ($500) are not affordable for most small companies doing business online. In most cases, “the book” is simply a more reasonable place for someone to start.

Because it’s so easy to click from an e-mail to a website’s “purchase” button, an e-mail campaign can reap up to 12 times the response rates of ordinary junk mail. Little wonder that old-line companies like Ford and Procter & Gamble are joining early users of targeted e-mail pitches like and J. Crew.

The Business Guide to Permission Email Marketing
…about this course

We’ve assembled the most up-to-date source of information on permission email marketing available anywhere. The course spans nearly 100 no-nonsense pages that start you at the very beginning and take you all the way through the process of sending permission email. Here’s what you’ll get…

TEN sources for building high quality permission email lists and a lesson on why quality rules!

True Story: Once upon a time we emailed to a list of 100,000 people. That emailing produced less than $100 in sales and generated a landslide of not-so-nice responses. It also got our services shut down. Yes, we were learning and that was a hard lesson.

However, on another occasion, we emailed an offer to just over 8000 people. Even though the list was small by comparison, it produced a whopping $190,680 in sales and ZERO complaints — all within two weeks.

Why was one mailing so successful while the other went down in flames? That’s just one of the insights this course will reveal. We’ve learned some hard lessons over the past five years but you don’t have to. By building on our experience you’ll find it much simpler to develop the winning lists.

SIX critical ingredients of a successful email sales message.

These are the elements that your message must contain. Unless you integrate all six of these ingredients your message will get…

a. immediately deleted, or
b. forwarded to your ISP as spam, or
c. filed away for future (non)action

…all of which are very bad for business. This course will show you how to avoid these problems by crafting email messages that get read and result in sales.

Jim Fleck of Instant Profits Publishing, Inc., wrote

Although I’ve done A LOT of email campaigns I hadn’t realized what I was missing. As always, I test first. So I tested the techniques in your course on just 100 emails. The response so far is $355.71! …and the sales are still coming in.

The art of zero complaints.

This chapter alone is worth the price of the package because complaints will get your services shut off in a heartbeat. Believe it or not, achieving zero complaints is even more important than making sales. This is MUST KNOW information.

The FOUR levels of permission email and how to avoid spamming.

Yes, most people think they know what spamming is but they really don’t. We’ll share with you the only important definition of spamming.

More importantly, are you aware of the FOUR levels of permission? It matters because different permission levels are appropriate for different kinds of email strategies. Get it wrong and your services can be shut down. Become too conservative and you’ll lose the majority of your easy sales.

You can relax though because this section will make it easy for you and also help you avoid embarrassing errors that “cancel out” permission. Even better, this chapter will show you how you can actually elevate the levels of permission. This is good because it makes your prospects even more receptive to your offers — and more likely to buy from you.

When you’ve finished the course you’ll have a crystal clear understanding of how to use each of the permission levels to optimize strategies, maximize profits and eliminate hassles.
The Direct Marketing Association, which represents nearly 5,000 companies that send both postal and electronic direct mail, announced at its conference last month that two-thirds of its member companies reported increased sales from e-mail, which generated an average of 15% of their online sales — up from 3% in 2000.

You’ll learn when you must always use a double confirmation — and also when NOT to because it’s redundant and will cost you sales.

We’ll show you how to get the “qualifier” right.

The “qualifier” is the part of the message that explains “why” the recipient is receiving it. This is done in a variety of ways but there is one way that always works best. We’ll show you in detail how to get this right even when most companies are doing it wrong.

You’ll learn how to evaluate the quality of email lists and even predict the response results before you send the email.

All lists are NOT created equal. And there is an identifiable pattern that can tell you in advance which lists are worth mailing and which ones should be avoided at all costs.

Within this course you will learn how to evaluate lists before you even email them. This skill alone will forever make you money, save you trouble, and help you avoid a tremendous amount of wasted time.

You’ll see exactly how to integrate permission email with the rest of your company’s marketing strategies in powerful ways that you’ve never thought of.

Whatever marketing strategies that you’re already using will be enhanced by integrating them with permission email strategies. Even though permission email is powerful all by itself, mixing it wisely with traditional marketing is like putting your company on steroids while growing it in a time warp!

And, perhaps most important…

You’ll get REAL LIFE case studies of permission email that works.

The course gives you detailed examples and analysis of actual permission email messages used by very well know companies. You’ll quickly see what works …and what doesn’t.

When you finish this section you’ll be able to easily select the best examples and use them as templates for your own permission email campaigns. This section of the course can save you a month (or more) of tedious research and analysis.

Michael Campbell, author of Nothing But Net, wrote

My first ever direct emailer got a whopping 35% response. The second one got a 18% response. With each customer spending an average of $50 multiplied by my entire list of 5000, that’s $45,000.

…any time within the next year if you didn’t earn far more than the price of the course, just tell us the Dog Ate It. We’ll give you a courteous refund within one business day, no questions asked — just a sincere “thank you” for trying our course.